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Academic Contribution

  • Teaching posts in the final years for the M.S. and the M.Ch. degrees to the junior students and nursing staffs.
  • C.M.E. courses and rural visits for the surgery camps and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Attending various National and International Conferences and workshops, Plastic Surgery.
  • Paper Presentation:
      -  Modalities in heel reconstruction (M.Ch. Plastic Surgery).
      -  Face resurfacing various approaches (D.N.B. Plastic Surgery).
      -  Approaches towards facial rejuvenation (NMC Specialty Hospital CME)
      - Treatment of Vasicul calculus disease (M.S. Surgery)
      - Resurfacing / Cover Modalities in burns (Masina Hospital CME)
      - Peptic ulcers approach to treatment (F.C.P.S. Surgery).
      - Wound Care Management (NMC Specialty Hospital CNE).