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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Before
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Breast Reduction Surgery also known as Reduction mammoplasty - a surgery to decrease the unwanted breasts volume and to enhance proper curve and symmetry. The medical factors for looking for this surgery are to get rid of back or neck pain, shoulder groves, rashes and or bruises, pain caused by large pendulous breast. Other reasons are better appearance and aesthetic looks.

Young sufferers normally come with emotional issues and personal discomfort and are the key components in their decision to search for surgery treatment. Large breasts are difficult to assess for swellings and lumps, thus making cancer detection difficult. 

Only certain sections of the breasts gland are eliminated during the surgery treatment. The milk carrying ducts are not disrupted by the surgery. This means that breast feeding potential in young patients is managed to a large extent. This surgery reduces the chance for breast cancer. Regular screening and checkups should be continued after the surgery.

The surgery treatment needs overnight hospital stay which might be prolonged to another day. Until the inflammation and discoloration decreases, you will need to wear a support bra for about six several weeks. The marks from the cut reduce (not disappear) over time. It is recommended to prevent any stressing, twisting and raising for at the least four several weeks following the surgery treatment.