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Rhinoplasty Before
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Nose Surgery, Cosmetic Nose Surgery, Nasal Implant, and Nose Reshaping all contributes to cosmetic surgery for nasal area. This visual nostril surgery therapy provides nose re-shaping of a nostril which might not be aesthetically correct by birth or its shape may have got altered as a result of some injury or accident.

In some cases
  • Nose seems too wide
  • Nasal tip droops
  • Tip is thickened and enlarged
  • Nostrils are excessively flared
  • Nose is off center or crooked
  • Previous injury has made your nose

Rhinoplasty is done using general or local anesthesia. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure but sometimes requires a 1-night stay in the hospital or surgery center. A splint may be required to be worn temporarily for first seven days post. Patient is free to undertake normal life like bathing, shampooing, and walking but no stressful activity.