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Earlobe repair

Earlobe Before
Earlobe After

Many females suffer from elongated ear lobes which are due to accidental pulling and due to fungal infection. Most commonly heavy or dangling earrings create a slit in the ear lobe that begins at the point of piercing and continues to the base of the ear lobe.

Elongated ear lobe fix is simple surgery treatment conducted to recover the ear lobe. The injure sides are "freshened" and closure is performed with stitches or sometimes by glue for a smaller tear. 

We execute ear lobe repair under local anesthesia to correct the large holes or injured part. It's a minor surgical procedure which takes 45 min for both ears. Few stitching are given, and the individual is called back after 7 days for stitches elimination/removal. If you plan to re-pierce your ear, it is suggested that you delay at least two several weeks or a month to ensure complete healing.