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Microtia is a very challenging task to determine. Microtia is allocated to various anomalous circumstances of the ears. It needs the synchronized initiative of both face and ear physician, renovation of the microtic ear is usually late until the kid is of up to five to four years as at this age, fibrous from the rib is used to restore the exterior ear, several functions may be necessary.

Microtia does not occur always along with the atresia, microtria fix drops under the region of the face physician. Microtia is a most apparent problem; any kind of microtia should be seen beginning by an ear physician. This examining must be done beginning to figure out the adequacy of listening to in the normal ear as well as to validate.  

Congenital artesia can even occur without the regular congenital irregularities of the exterior ear. A difficult calculate of the level of center ear irregularities can usually be created in accordance with the level of microtia. The ear physician should be discussed beginning, although a dedication for a surgery for modification of the kids atresia usually need not take position until the kid is four or five decades of age