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  • Polydactyly : On other hand having an additional finger or toe is known as polydactyly, this may include extra finger on the little finger side, on the thumb side or at the center of the hand.
  • Syndactyly : Kid's fingertips or toes do not completely individual during growth, resulting in “webbed” areas also known as Syndactyly- is the most typical genetic malformation of the limbs. Goals of surgery are to enhance the overall look of the hand to prevent progressive deformity of an organ.
  • congenital band syndrome : Congenital constriction is an problem of infrequent situation that also may be present the organization and with other congential anomalies. There is an important predilection for the higher arms, legs and distal limbs. The two primary goals for the therapy of congential constriction as different medical methods like Z-plasty, is been described and used from many decades however, immediate closing after the removal of the constricting and even enabling the excess fat to for normal reposition itself under the epidermis.